• Is participation in the electronic temporary registration program required by Florida law?

    In accordance with Florida Statute 320.96, effective July 1, 2008, if a dealer issues a temp tag for the sale of a vehicle it must be reported electronically. The Florida ETR Temp Tag system provides you with the service of reporting and printing temp tags with full FLHSMV compliance. As of August 1, 2010 metal plates may also be transferred within our temp tag program. When printing a temp tag or doing a metal plate transfer you'll print the customer a temporary registration.

  • How do I use your service to print temp tags, temporary registrations and process metal plate transfers?

    We suggest you look at the how it works page for a quick visual overview to understand the simple 3-step process of using our system.

    Florida ETR is very easy to use. Printing a tag takes just about 2 minutes and we guide you through each step of the transaction. After your first one you'll be a Florida ETR temp tag expert.

  • How do I sign-up to be able to use the service?

    Getting started with the service is very easy. If you are a Florida licensed dealer, click here to register your dealership and start printing temp tags, temporary registrations, and transferring metal plates.

  • Can I calculate title and registration fees? Does Florida ETR have a fee calculator?

    Yes. Florida ETR's Fee Calculator will calculate title and registration fees for your sale. Fill in the number provided by our Fee Calculator in your bill of sale and save time down the line. The Fee Calculator eliminates the need for you to send refund checks to customers.

  • What type of printer do I need to print temporary tags?

    Florida ETR's temp tag program will work with virtually any standard laser printer. We do find in some cases that changing the paper setting to "thick paper" in the printer settings results in better tag printing on some printers, but in most cases, printing a temp tag works perfectly out of the box.

  • What is the cost for using the Florida ETR temp tag program?

    Each registered temp tag transaction: $4.00 (plus $2.00 waterproof paper)
    Each metal plate transfer: $4.00
    Both transactions include a printed temporary registration.

    Registered dealers receive the following with each ETR transaction:
    (1) the electronic upload of temp tag / metal plate transfer registration information to the FLHSMV
    (2) printing of the temp tag on the special weatherproof paper
    (3) an electronic log of all temp tags issued from your business
    (4) online account management
    (5) customer service reps are available whenever you need them.

    No monthly fees for active accounts. You only pay for the temporary tags you print and the metal plate transfers you process.

  • What is the cost for blank temp tags?

    The cost of blank temporary tag stock is $2 each. A shipping cost of $7.95 is added to all orders. Expedited shipping is available on the temp tag order page.

  • Where do I order new blank temp tags?

    Once logged in, you may order new blank temp tags on the My Account > Order Blanks tab. You may also set automatic reorder levels so that we monitor the number of blank tags you have left and we send them to you as you start running low (i.e. "When I have 10 tags left, send me 50.") This proactive approach of monitoring tag inventory helps to ensure that you're never left in the dark with no paper tags at the time of selling a car. Set your reorder level on the My Account > Order Blanks page.

  • What happens when the DMV system goes down?

    In the case that the Florida DMV system goes down you can issue pre-printed temporary license plates (obtained from your local DMV office). Keep in mind that if you do issue a pre-printed temporary license plate you MUST report the tag number to the DMV via the Florida ETR system within 1 business day, excluding weekends and holidays and must complete Florida DMV form 82082.

  • Can I use pre-printed temporary tags instead of Florida ETR?

    Pre-printed temporary license plates may only be used during a FLHSMV system outage which prevents ETR issuance OR for a trailer weighing less than 2,000 pounds. If you do issue a pre-printed temporary license plate you MUST report the tag number to the DMV via the Florida ETR system within 1 business day, excluding weekends and holidays.

    Keep in mind that when issuing a pre-printed temp tag it is necessary to complete FLHSMV Dealer Form 82082.

  • What type of customer service/support will I get by using Florida ETR?

    When you register with Florida ETR for electronic temp tag service, you get local, live, exceptional customer service and support whenever needed. We are available during extended business hours and can be reached at 888-675-7477 and through the support section of the website.

  • Will a driver's license stop keep me from issuing a temp tag?

    A driver's license stop will not keep you from issuing a temp tag.

  • Can I issue a temp tag for a rebuilt/branded title?

    In some cases a brand will prohibit temp tag issuance.
    Vehicles with a "rebuildable salvage" title cannot have a temp tag printed until the vehicle passes inspection with the DMV and has a rebuilt title issued. Once inspection is completed, the Florida ETR system will allow you to print a temp tag.

  • Can I issue a temporary tag for a trailer?

    Temp tags can be issued from Florida ETR for trailers weighing more than 2,000 pounds. Electronic temp tags cannot be issued within Florida ETR for trailers less than 2,000 lbs (a pre-printed tag must be used). See "Can I use pre-printed temporary tags instead of Florida ETR" for more details.

  • Can I issue a 2nd temp tag to an individual? How about a 3rd?

    Yes, you may issue a 2nd temp tag for the same vehicle to the same registrant. To issue a 3rd temp tag speak directly to your local DMV office or tag agency.

  • How many temp tags may I print per vehicle?

    You may print up to 4 temp tags per vehicle (keep in mind that you can only issue 2 tags on the same vehicle per person).

  • Can I void a temporary tag transaction and/or a metal plate transfer?

    Temporary tags can be voided up until midnight on the same day of issuance. Metal plate transers can be voided the same day and restored at any later point in time.

  • Is there a VIN decoder or do I have to enter all the vehicle information into Florida ETR?

    If the VIN you entered is already registered with the Florida DHSMV you will not need to input additional vehicle information. However, if the vehicle has not previously been entered in the Florida DHSMV database, the system will require you to provide that information (i.e. year, color, body style, etc.). This is most common with vehicles that have previously been titled in other states.

  • I am being asked for my Dealer PIN. Where do I find that?

    The Dealer PIN is your regular Dealer license PIN that you received from the Florida DMV when you got your license. It is 4 digits. If you don't know it, please contact the Florida DMV. We do not have access to provide you wtih your PIN code.

  • Why is my PIN number required?

    Entering your PIN number ensures certain levels of security during the Florida DHSMV verification process for each dealer.

  • What is a metal plate transfer?

    When a customer already has a valid metal plate from another vehicle (i.e. a trade-in), you can input the tag number into the system and temporarily transfer it to the new vehicle being purchased. The metal plate transfer becomes non-temporary (permanent) when the registration paperwork is processed with the Florida DMV.

  • What are metal plate transfer restrictions?

    1) Vanity/Custom metal license plates cannot be temporarily transferred. Issue the customer a temporary tag and process the metal plate transfer with the registration paperwork you submit to the Florida DMV.

    2) Metal plates must have a valid registration for at least 30 days to be able to be transferred. If there are less than 30 days remaining, issue the customer a temporary tag and process the metal plate transfer with the registration paperwork you submit to the Florida DMV.

  • Does a metal plate transfer expire?

    Yes, electronic temporary metal plate transfers expire when the current registration expires. The registration must be permanently transferred before it can be renewed.

  • Why should I choose Florida ETR as my vendor for temp tag service?

    There are many reasons why thousands of independent and franchise dealers have chosen to use Florida ETR as their vendor of choice for the Florida DMV electronic temporary registration service. First off, we value each customer and the relationship we have with them. Without you, we wouldn't be here. Our temp tag web-based service is filled with great dealer features and is overly simplistic to use for printing temp tags online. We've been rated the easiest-to-use and most user-friendly temp tag printing vendor in Florida.

  • What other services besides temp tags does Florida ETR offer?

    We can help you with more than just temp tags and metal plate transfers.

    Our Fee Calculator allows you to calculate title and registration fees. Fill in the number on your bill of sale and save time by eliminating the need to send customers refund checks. Access the Fee Calculator from within your Florida ETR account.

    Want to print state required Florida DMV dealer forms or run business reports with a car dealer inventory management system when selling a car? We offer it.

    If you're a lienholder that places liens on vehicles with Florida titles, there is a Florida DHSMV requirement to manage your liens electronically with the Florida ELT system. Once you're done registering for temp tag service, read about Florida electronic lien and title.

  • Join thousands of other Florida dealers using Florida ETR Temp Tags.
    It's easy. It's dependable. It's reliable....and like you, we live and work in Florida.

    We'd like to serve your business with temp tags and in advance we'll let you know that we appreciate your business. Register for temp tags online and be up and running within a few minutes.

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