Once you've created an account, Florida ETR makes it easy to print temporary tags and temporary registrations,
process metal plate transfers and calculate title & registration fees. Create an account here.

  1. Login to the Florida ETR temp tag site:
  2. Enter basic info (customer's driver license number, VIN of vehicle being sold, the tag control number, and the customer's insurance information)
  3. The temp tag gets registered with Florida DHSMV, printed on a laser printer (or the metal plate gets transferred) & the transaction is complete!
Just 3 simple steps, put the waterproof paper in the printer, and print. The paper you print on is what goes on the vehicle - no extra steps.
In addition to printing temporary tags, the Florida ETR system also allows you to transfer metal plates from one vehicle to another. This can be used if a customer is trading in a vehicle or if they have an existing license plate to use on the vehicle they are buying. The process is the same as above, but in the final step there’s no temp tag to print, just the temporary registration.

If you are looking for more advanced features from your temp tag provider, please review our corporate website and contact us for more info on other dealer software services.

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